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You have the expert knowledge of your industry. But just copy-pasting the material you have into an online course won’t do you and your brand right. Don’t make your content dry and wrinkly like a raisin. We help you to make your content shine and find the best e-learning solution for you and your customers. We offer you a true 360 degree service by helping you to choose the right platform, making your content ready for online training and making sure your courses stay up to date. Read more about what we can do for you.

What We Believe In


Content always comes first

Your content is the most important element of your online training. Everything we do focuses on making your content as understandable and interesting as possible,

The learning outcomes define the path

Surely there needs to be a goal of what users should know after taking your training. This is essential for us. We customize each course based on those outcomes.

Learning is an experience

Online learning should be fun and engaging. The last thing we want is bored users. So, we show you the tools that can make your courses a great experience for your customers.

Technology can enable your vision

There are amazing e-learning platforms and tools out there. But you don’t need them all. And you certainly don’t need the technology to define the way your content should look.

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What We Can Do For You


LMS comparison and selection

What do you want to teach? To whom? What do you want your learners to do in your online training? And what do you want them to know after the training?

These are just a few of the question you will have to ask yourself to be able to choose the perfect learning management system for your business.

But don’t worry. With our experience of many systems, platforms, and tools, we help you. We analyze your and your customers’ needs and identify the best strategy and technical solution for you.

System and Course Setup

Setting up the platform is one thing. But your content needs to match the goals you have for your learners.

Classroom and online teaching follow very different rules. Your existing training material can certainly help, but it needs to be made ready for the online environment.

We support you in developing and setting up your online training solution. That includes analyzing and making your content ready for putting it online.

Continuing Quality Ensurance

An online course is never really ready. It is a living thing that develops further based on learners’ feedback, new trends, and developments in the subject field as well as new technologies in e-learning and the platform you use.

We make sure that your online courses and platform stay up to date and keep the same high quality your learners expect.

Marketing Boost

You don’t think you need e-learning solutions for your business? Think again!

Did you know that infusing your online marketing strategy with online courses can not only make you stand out from the competition but also give you a real head start in your market. With LearnGrape you can bring your content marketing strategy to the next level.

You can reach new customer groups and give your product a much better visibilty.

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