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Marketing is all about content today. Companies and brands need to provide some real value already with their marketing if they want to be taken seriously and stand out from the crowd.

What better way to do that than to provide your potential customers free online courses that teach them some really useful skills and show them how they can do things easier and better by using your products or services?

How we do it


Content Strategy

You have an awesome product. Now is your chance to show your target audience what it can do for them. We help you choose the best use cases for the customers you want to reach.

Once we have selected the ideal topic and use case, we help you develop the content around it so that it fits perfectly for an online course.

With our experience in the e-learning field we know what resonates with users and what makes them excited about learning something new online.

Technical Setup

Content always comes first. But once that is decided, you need to have a platform that can provide the technical requirements for your online course to shine.

There are hundreds technical solutions out there. But with our experience of many systems, platforms, and tools, we are here for you. We analyze your and your customers’ needs and identify the best strategy and technical solution for you.

Distribution and SEO

An online course needs users. And so does your product. We don’t just help you develop the perfect online course for your target audience. We also help you get it to them.

We do that by making the course a deeply integrated part of your content marketing strategy. We create supportive content around your course and supercharge it all with a kick-ass SEO strategy.

That way you get the attention of exactly the customers you want to attract.

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